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Retail Point Of Sale

Retail Point Of Sale

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Customer Loyalty

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Retail Management System

If you are a Supermarket or a Departmental Store Retailer, looking for a Retail Solution, SmartPOS is the right answer to you. What ever your retail business may be, SmartPOS, has a version for you. Mycom also offers specialized version for every kind of POS or Retail operation.If you are new for Barcode scanning at the retail counters or you have already be a user of different system, well, this is perfect place for you.

Since SmartPOS implements most required features in retail business, you will not just get a POS solution; you will also receive the best retail practices, since Smart POS has been around for a while, running various types of businesses, and in various countries, gives you up-to-date technology in just one bundle. Let us look at immediate benefits of the system.

SmartPOS Functionality

Easy to use

fully customizable

Barcode Scanning

using barcode scanner

System Security

for user controls

Customer Loyalty

and points redeeming

Item Refunds

exchange for items or cash

Credit Customer




SmartPOS Functionality

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Sales with / without barcode
  • Credit Customers (optional)
  • Multi-packing Sales
  • Loyalty Customers (optional)
  • Weigh scale barcode scanning
  • Promotional prices, with validity period
  • Facility for Bill holding
  • Multi-payment within single bill
  • Credit Card, Foreign Currency tender types

MYCOM is a leading Point of Sales (POS) software solutions provider in the Middle East. Our retail software SmartPOS is used by major hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores and other retail outlets across GCC countries. SmartPOS supports Arabic bill printing which helps Arabic speaking customers to read bills without any difficulty. All bills will have both Arabic & English names of the items purchased.

Receipt Printers with SmartPOS are configured to print both the languages.

Price Checker App(Digital Kiosk)

MYCOM Price Checker App is a self-service TOUCH SCREEN solution that showcases your specials and allows customers and employees to easily look look-up prices. Its a multifunction scan kiosk designed for diversified applications in self-service, information service, multimedia service, digital signage and your customized interactive applications and services in every environment of retail.

  • Featured price checker with a facility to display ads
  • Easy to setup (no addtional components required )
  • Server facility to monitor connected devices
  • See real time scanning and view reports
  • Cross platform app

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QUICKPOS (Inventory Software)

Point of Sale as a software has many features which are useful for large retail store chains.Usually POS works with an Inventory(Back Office) application as an entity. This solution is costly and not affordable by small retail units.QUICK POS is simply an affordable, easy to use, purpose serving version of POS.It is a software solution for better management of small retail units without the extensive Back Office application.

  • All in One Point Of Sale System
  • Purchase & Payment Entry
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock & Sales Reports
  • Weighing Scale Integrated to POS Systems

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Customer Loyalty & Promotions

In todays competitive environment promotions, discounts & other form of attractions have limited access.However the Loyalty Program proved to provide long term Loyal Customer Base which brings repeated customer visits.For retailers this is the only way to know more about the customer and their buying pattern.

SmartPOS has a Integrated Loyalty Application with the following features.

  • Loyalty Card Printing / Encoding
  • Loyalty Based Promotions
  • Loyalty Coupons & Points
  • Points & Benefit Calculations
  • Points Redeeming
  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Centralized, Multi-Location Loyalty
  • Gift Vouchers
Scale Integration

One of the important features of our POS Software is the Weight Scale Integration. Scale integration is an integral aspect of a smoothly running Point Of Sale System with increased efficiency, accuracy, and speed at the checkout.Once an item is set to sell by weight, then the scale will automatically relay the correct weight to the POS and automatically calculate prices.So you can handle big line of customers in a very short time.

Fast Efficient method from MYCOM SYSTEMS

  • No need of having a separate counter for weighing items
  • One - Stop billing for scaled items
  • Weighing & Billing is completed in one process
Special Features

Inventory is just an itemized catalog or list of goods or property. Inventory provides the value of materials or goods held by an organization. Inventories are used basically to keep track of the goods brought in to the business and sold out of the business. In turn, the business owner would be able to analyze the profit, loss, demand to supply fulfillment of the various items his or her business deals with. An Inventory System is a repository of all the product related information that is used in Supermarkets, Restaurants and so on. It also keeps information about the Suppliers as in the providers of the goods.

  • Stock Replenishment & Re-Ordering Feature in Inventory
  • Production & Bill of Quantity in Smart Inventory
  • Batch & Expiry in Inventory & POS
  • Bulk Price Change

To satisfy the retail market customers and to meet the market strategy, retail holders need to implement a proper system which can handle the stock movement based on sales and report the same to management.

  • Replenishment Report
  • The purpose of this report is to show the stock status of Shelf, Branch and Warehouse in a single click. This report is based on the Sales of the outlet or Branch on a particular day.

  • Ordering Stock Based on Re-Order level
  • This option was an old method and is possible to implement in Pharmacies and other Departments.Since the retail trends are based on seasons and festivals you cannot stick to the fixed order levels.

  • Ordering Based on Last Purchase / Sales Period or By Material Request
  • This Report is called as Smart Report for Re-ordering Analysis. It converts the data from the basic criteria such as

    • Supplier selection
    • Group / Sub Group
    • Sales by Month and no of month or week
    • Lead time for stock to be received

This is a new additional module for Smart Inventory application. This option can be used for industries which handle large scale production & distribution or the divisions which are having Bakery production and in house productions.The concept of production module is to link the raw materials and finish goods with additional cost.The costing and raw materials are entered in Bill Of Quantity module.The manual process of production will be converted into a systematic process in the production module.

  • Product Master for Raw Material
  • Product Master is used for creating Raw Material entries with raw material stock type and this can be same as regular item.

  • Product Master for Finished Goods
  • Product Master is used for creating finished Goods as regular item type.

  • Product Master Bill Of Quantity
  • Product Master bill of quantity option is used for raw material entries of all the production items.In addition to this labor cost, utility expenses and so on can be added here.

Generally, when an expiry associated product is sold in retail market, keeping track of the stock along with its expiry date is a strenuous task. This feature makes handling such products easy and organized. We have taken Batch & Expiry to the next level, wherein we are printing the Expiry along with the barcode of the product ; so that during the sales through POS, the system will be able to identify the batch of the product. Identifying an Expiry product batch in retail has been a problem for long and the solution we are providing below will enhance and make the Batch and Expiry Stock Management in Retail Industry a smooth cake walk. This feature is implemented in the entire module from Top to Bottom, which includes

  • Product Master
  • Transactions of Purchase, Sales, Adjustment, Transfer & Stock Count
  • PDT option for Stock take with Batch
  • Downloading Master Details with Batch from Inventory Module to PDT
  • POS option for tracking out Batches in easy & effective way

Bulk price change is an add-on option in the Smart Inventory application. This is useful for the user to modify the prices of multiple price groups and multiple items in one shot.Price change option includes following data filters for listing the required items :-

  • Group/Subgroup & Sub-sub group
  • This will allow the user to select specific departments.

  • Brand
  • This will allow user to select the specific Brand.

  • Supplier
  • This will allow user to select the specific Supplier.

  • Category
  • This will allow user to select the specific Category.

  • Family Code
  • This will allow user to select the specific Family code.

  • Price From and To
  • This will allow user to select Price range - From and To

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MYCOM Systems is a dedicated point of sale (POS) consulting company and has implemented number of large POS solutions to well known retailers in the Gulf region.

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