Online Reporting System (Online POS Manager)

MYCOM Online Reporting System

Online POS Manager is a website created for Managing our client Master Data and Sales Data.This application allows them to add their menus and then download it to the POS Application using a text file mode.This application allows to upload the sales data (EOD file) to the application sales history so that they can view & monitor their daily sales and check different reports.We also looking at directly downloading the menu to the POS & automatically uploading the sales to the web.

  • It’s a web application , No installations.
  • Runs on any platform or device.
  • Simplified (no unwanted screens or columns).
  • Reports can be accessed directly once sales are uploaded (No Processing).
  • Same database can be used for multiple clients.


MYCOM is a dedicated point of sale (POS) consulting company and has implemented number of large POS solutions to well known retailers in the Gulf region.

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