Customer Loyalty System

Customer Loyalty & Promotions

In todays competitive environment promotions, discounts & other form of attractions have limited access.However the Loyalty Program proved to provide long term Loyal Customer Base which brings repeated customer visits.For retailers this is the only way to know more about the customer and their buying pattern.

SmartPOS has a Integrated Loyalty Application with the following features.

  • Loyalty Card Printing / Encoding
  • Loyalty Based Promotions
  • Loyalty Coupons & Points
  • Points & Benefit Calculations
  • Points Redeeming
  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Centralized, Multi-Location Loyalty
  • Gift Vouchers

Privacy Policy

MYCOM respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information that you provide to us. This Privacy Policy explains our policies and practices regarding the use and disclosure of your personal information by MYCOM. MYCOM reviews and updates this Privacy Policy from time to time as needed.

Privacy Policy


MYCOM is a dedicated point of sale (POS) consulting company and has implemented number of large POS solutions to well known retailers in the Gulf region.

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