Portable Data Terminal

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Rugged Mobile Computer Product
Ergonomic design, versatility, durability
Use in enterprise,industrial,harsh environments
Windows based / Android based
Wide range of connectivity options
Strong database integration
Provide customers with value-driven solutions
Meets all business needs

Retail or Warehouse Data collectors

Portable Data Terminal

Unitech Mobile Computers

The Rugged Mobile Computer product line is defined by ergonomic design, versatility, and durability, for use in enterprise, industrial and harsh environments. Our Windows-based and Android-based handheld devices feature a wide range of connectivity options, development software and strong database integration. We develop mobile computers that provide our customers with value-driven solutions that meet their business needs.


Healthcare Rugged Smartphone

Equipped stylish compact size, unitech EA630HC rugged smartphone is specially to be used friendly in healthcare environments following high hygienic regulations. The EA630HC is not only built with a high-performance 1D/2D barcode scanner, but possess durable functions and can operate with gloves and wet fingers that increases efficiency and patient safety for seamless Point of Care.

6-inch rugged smartphone

Android 10 OS with GMS & AER Certification

2D Imager, HF/NFC, and 16MP camera

Rugged: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 touch display

Long-lasting removable 4000mAh battery

Support Bluetooth® 5 / dual-band WLAN, fast roaming / 4G LTE

EA630HC Brochure


Rugged Smartphone

The EA630Plus is built-in a Powerful 2D scanning engine featuring a laser aimer that enables the reading of high-resolution codes (down to 3 mils on Code 39 1D barcode) and it is available to read EAN 100% at 541 mm distance (typical read range). Moreover, it enhances the visibility to capture most 1D / 2D barcodes even in low light or bright light environments.

6 inch rugged smartphone

Android 11 OS with GMS Certification

2D Imager, NFC, 5MP front 16MP rear camera

Rugged: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 touch display

Long-lasting removable 4000mAh battery

Support Bluetooth® 5 / dual-band WLAN, fast roaming / 4G LTE

EA630Plus Brochure


Rugged Smartphone

Introducing the EA520, the 5” cutting-edge rugged smartphone delivers powerful barcode reading performance, convenient connectivity, durable but the lightweight design that just fits in the palm of your hand. This enhances the service level for various vertical applications within the retail, hospitality, and field service sectors.

5-inch display

50nits sunlight readable

Android 11 OS with GMS Certification

Support most 1D / 2D barcodes

HF/NFC and 13MP camera

Rugged: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 touch display

Long-lasting removable 4100mAh battery

EA520 Brochure


Rugged Smartphone

The EA602 is a rugged 5” mobile enterprise computer combining strong features with powerful data collection. The EA602 provides convenient connectivity, reading capabilities, and enhances the service level for a variety of vertical applications within the retail, transportation, logistics, and field service sectors.

1.4GHz Octa-Core processor with Android 7.1 OS

2D Imager, HF/NFC and 8MP Camera

USB cradle and power supply

2G / 3G / LTE, Dual-Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth® 4.2

Rechargeable and swappable 4000mAh battery

5” HD display

Corning® Gorilla Glass® 3, IP65 rated

Device supported versatile: SOTI, AirWatch, 42Gears, 12 Manage and MoboLink

EA602 Brochure


Rugged Touch Computers

The PA760 also comes with the Google GMS license, makes your toughest work days easier. It is ideal for inventory control in the warehouse, facilities inspection in field service, and shipment management in transportations.Advanced barcode scanning performance for special materials barcodes.

5.45 inch Android 10 rugged mobile computer

Google Mobile Service(GMS)

Android Enterprise Recommended (AER)

Available to read 10 barcodes at one time

1D/2D/DPM/ DOT code / barcodes on screens

1.5M drop-resistant housing

IP65 & IP67 heavy-duty protection

Leading 4G dual SIM card

Support Bluetooth® 5

WIFI MIMO Dual Bands with fast roaming

Easy Hot-swap battery design without downtime

PA760 Brochure


Rugged Touch Computers

PA730 supports dual bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, of WLAN with fast roaming that gives users blazing fast connectivity. It is a powerful and versatile data collection tool in warehousing, facilitate hospitality, event ticketing, and various mobile processes.High Resolution Scanning and High-End Camera.

Android 7.1 OS

High Performance 64-bit octa-core CPU

5" Full HD resolution

1D/2D barcode scanner with high speed engine

16MP PDAF camera at the rear

5 MP front camera

Built-in LTE dual antenna for best connectivity

Dual bands with fast roaming

Equipped with NFC

Bluetooth® 4.2 communication

2G/3G/4G LTE with full bands

PA730 Brochure


Industrial PDA

Specially designed for input-intensive applications, the unitech EA320 industrial PDA is combining with a 21-key keypad and delivers a host of new features that evolves the service level for a variety of vertical applications such as warehousing, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing.

Android 9 OS with GMS certification

4” HD display and 21-key keypad

1.8GHz octa-core processor

GPS, 2D Imager, HF/NFC and 13MP Camera

Support Bluetooth® 4.2

dual-band IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/d/e/h/i/k/r/v/w

IP65 rated and 1.5m drop specification

Long-lasting swappable 4500mAh battery

EA320 Brochure


Industrial PDA

The PA692A is an Android rugged handheld computer designed to yield impressive results in various work environments. It is a powerful and versatile data collection tool in warehousing, logistics, field service, and government.

Stable release Andriod 4.3

Advanced performance

Industrial grade 1.5GHz Dual Core processor

Latest 4G wireless communication, WiFi, GPS

Large 3.8" WVGA high-resolution LCD

Rugged Construction: IP65 rated

1.5m drop specification

High-Performance 1D/2D barcode engine

Excellent LCD visibility

PA692A Brochure


Industrial PDA

Equipped with 1D / 2D imager, NFC, and Windows embedded handheld 6.5 operating system all in a compact and durable form factor, the PA520 is designed to empower the mobile workforce for daily jobs in sales automation and field service applications.

Microsoft Windows Handheld 6.5 OS

Lightweight, slim and pocket size form factor

Fingers operated 3.5" flat-face Multi-Touchscreen

Support 1D laser/2D barcode scanner

RFID HF and NFC(optional)

Powerful CCX4 certified

WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n

Radio provides good roaming

Capability for real-time communication

PA520 Brochure

HT630,Rugged Handheld Terminal

HT630,Rugged Handheld Terminal

HT630 is a DOS-based versatile handheld terminal with the 1D laser or CCD(optional) data collection solution, suitable for a wide range of applications in the supply chain, retail, and field service markets.

HT630 Brochure


4 inch Rugged Handheld Terminal

When it comes to facilitating work efficiency and minimizing errors at service, HT330 is the best choice of optimal data collection terminal for the retail and warehousing field. The GMS certification allows staff to access a set of pre-installed apps and services meant to boost productivity.

Android 12 OS with GMS certified

Ergonomic one-handed operation

Superior 2D scanning performance

Removable 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery

Clear camera recognition

Enterprise Ruggness IP67 protection

1.5M drop-to-concrete

Support Bluetooth® 5.0


Rugged Handheld Terminal

Offering the latest OS of Android 9, one-handed easy operation and ergonomic keypad design, a long-running 4500mAh battery, the unitech HT380 is a versatile handheld terminal with superior data collection solutions that increases your efficiency in the workplace.

Android 9 OS

1.4GHz octa-core processor

Lightweight and ergonomic one-handed operation

Superior 2D scanning performance

Support Bluetooth® 4.2

IEEE 802.11 dual-band standards

Rechargeable and swappable 4500mAh battery

Durable keypad

HT380 Brochure

HT1 2D

Rugged Handheld Terminal
HT1 2D

Powered by Android 4.4 OS, the HT1 is a pocket-sized mobile computer with superior data collection solution, suitable for a wide range of applications including retail, transportation, and warehousing

Android 4.4 operating system

2” ergonomic handheld terminal

Ergonomic design for one-handed operation

30 degree scanning tilt

Support 12Management and MoboLink, Airwatch, SOTI

Built in Robust Pogo pins and Micro USB

WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

IP54 rated

1.5M drop certified

HT1 2D Brochure


WD200,3.1" Wearable Computer

Power your data collection with a device that optimizes the way you work. Browse the Internet and web-based apps faster with the user-friendly Android 10 OS with GMS certification. Experience heightened device performance with a 2.2GHz Octa-Core processor and ease of use with a wearable that fits wrists, necks, and belt loops. A 3.1inch touchscreen offers easy viewing and a 13MP camera captures barcodes and delivery confirmations

  • Android 10 with GMS certification
  • Lightweight, ergonomic wearable computer
  • Powerful Qualcomm® 660 2.2GHz Octa-Core processor
  • IP67 rated, and 1.5m drop specification
  • Long-lasting embedded 2050mAh battery
  • WD200 Brochure


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