Portable Data Terminal

Android Data Collectors

Powered by Android 12 OS
GMS Certified
Superior Performance
Ergonomic One-Hand Operation
3 GB RAM,32 GB Flash
Dual-Band Wifi
Optical Character Recognition
Clear camera recognition
Powerful 2D Engine
Designed for harsh environments

Android Data Collectors

Android Data Collectors

Android Data Collectors

As a reliable work companion, HT330 has been upgraded to the latest Android 12 OS system with GMS certification providing an intuitive and friendly interface to manage data effectively on a 4-inch screen. The removable 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery carries your task for over 20 hours, allowing a full shift to go on. Reaching IP67 enterprise protection and withstanding 1.5 drop makes HT330 a perfect tool to maximize data collection, management, and traceability in nearly every practice of retail, transportation& logistics, manufacturing, and more!


4 inch Rugged Handheld Terminal

When it comes to facilitating work efficiency and minimizing errors at service, HT330 is the best choice of optimal data collection terminal for the retail and warehousing field. The GMS certification allows staff to access a set of pre-installed apps and services meant to boost productivity.

Android 12 OS with GMS certified

Ergonomic one-handed operation

Superior 2D scanning performance

Removable 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery

Clear camera recognition

Enterprise Ruggness IP67 protection

1.5M drop-to-concrete

Support Bluetooth® 5.0

HT330 Brochure


Rugged Handheld Terminal

Offering the latest OS of Android 9, one-handed easy operation and ergonomic keypad design, a long-running 4500mAh battery, the unitech HT380 is a versatile handheld terminal with superior data collection solutions that increases your efficiency in the workplace.

Android 9 OS

1.4GHz octa-core processor

Lightweight and ergonomic one-handed operation

Superior 2D scanning performance

Support Bluetooth® 4.2

IEEE 802.11 dual-band standards

Rechargeable and swappable 4500mAh battery

Durable keypad

HT380 Brochure

HT1 2D

Rugged Handheld Terminal
HT1 2D

Powered by Android 4.4 OS, the HT1 is a pocket-sized mobile computer with superior data collection solution, suitable for a wide range of applications including retail, transportation, and warehousing

Android 4.4 operating system

2” ergonomic handheld terminal

Ergonomic design for one-handed operation

30 degree scanning tilt

Support 12Management and MoboLink, Airwatch, SOTI

Built in Robust Pogo pins and Micro USB

WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

IP54 rated

1.5M drop certified

HT1 2D Brochure


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