Online Order Taking

Online Order Taking Application

Online Order Taking is a web application designed by MYCOM to allow the customers to place order online with local restaurants & fast foods. This website allows the customers to keep accounts with them in order to make frequent order convenient.A customer will search for a favourite restaurant, choose from available items & choose delivery.Payment can be done by credit card/cash, with the restaurant returning a percentage to the online food company.

Our goal is to help you improve the process of orders, all while giving your customers multiple ways to place their order.Online orders are typically 20-25% higher in price than phone orders.

  • Easy way to have food delivered to home
  • No need to wait or dial up for ordering food
  • Visually available Menu card to select from
  • Easy maintenance of menu through Online POS Manager
  • Direct Order Printing to Restaurant Kitchen


MYCOM is a dedicated point of sale (POS) consulting company and has implemented number of large POS solutions to well known retailers in the Gulf region.

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