Mycom Systems is a total IT Solution provider for Retail & Hospitality (Restaurant) businesses. Mycom has been providing solutions for the past 17 years in the region, having over 1000 installation. Currently Mycom has its own offices in U.A.E, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
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Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic Shelf Label

Instant Price Changes


Long Term Investment

Easy of Use


Product Info

Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic Shelf Label

Flexible Designs

Reduced Labor

Accurate Prices

Updatable Descriptions


Enhanced Store Branding

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

A typical supermarket or a retailer needs to display a Paper based shelf tag on the shelf to display the price. This can be a time consuming and cause error in the price as well. ESL allows the retailer to replace the Paper based shelf tag, with a Electronic Shelf tag, which is wireless, giving super fast, and error free price and basic information display.


ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) is a price displaying system installed on shelves in stores. A communication network allows the price to be automatically updated and displayed when change is made.This distinctive and comprehensive solution is based on a combination of low-power wireless communication technology with e-paper display technology.ESL helps you to save time with automatic price updates. Its more cost-efficient than paper, and improves customer's experience with accurate, reliable pricing.ESL will enable retailers to reduce the cost of operating stores as they can spend less on paper labels and printing, with a significantly lessened burden of paying penalty for wrong pricing.

  • Instant Price Changes
  • Accuracy & Easy of use
  • Long term investment
  • Reduced Labor
  • Updatable Descriptions
  • Promotion & Enhanced Store Branding
  • Eco-Friendly

ESL Features

Big Size Label
Big Size Label

Maximize promotional effect with big size label

Color Display
Full Color Display
13.4" LCD Full Color Display

Maximize promotion effect with 13.4” LCD full color display . New shelf Advertising platform for suppliers

Label Colors
Label colors
Stand out from traditional black and white

All our labels can display up to 3 different colors.

ESL Labels
Electronic Shelf Labels
Replace the traditional paper labels

Using the high-end e-paper which are comfortable to read, and provide wide viewing angle with a matt finish.

ESL System

ESL Server

Different types of ESL

Lineup : Graphic Tag (Black / White)
ModelSize Size Dimension Pixel Density
Electronic Shelf Label G1.6 43 x 36 x 12 184
Electronic Shelf Label G2.2 64 × 36 × 12 111
Electronic Shelf Label G2.7 75.5 x 50 x 11.5 117
Electronic Shelf Label G2.9 84 x 41 x 12 112
Electronic Shelf Label G3.3 88.9 × 58.7 × 11.65 110
Electronic Shelf Label G4.2 103.5 x 87.5 x 14.5 120
Electronic Shelf Label G5.8 162 × 58 × 11.65 110
Electronic Shelf Label G6.0 134.4 x 109.5 x 14.2 128
Electronic Shelf Label G7.4 183 x 124 x 14.7 126
Lineup : Graphic Tag (Black / White / Red)
ModelSize Size Dimension Pixel Density
Electronic Shelf Label G1.6 47 x 39 x 11.5 140
Electronic Shelf Label G2.2 70 ×33 ×11.5 111
Electronic Shelf Label G2.7 75.5 x 50 x 11.5 117
Electronic Shelf Label G2.9 91 x 42 x 11.5 112
Electronic Shelf Label G4.2 110 x 82 x 11.5 120
Electronic Shelf Label G6.0 155 x 115 x 20.5 128
Electronic Shelf Label G7.4 124 x 183 x 14.7 126


MYCOM Systems is a dedicated point of sale (POS) consulting company and has implemented number of large POS solutions to well known retailers in the Gulf region.

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